Okta Interview Experience


This post is to share my interview experience with Okta for a Senior Software Engineer position in Toronto(May 2019). This is gonna be a very short post, since I did not get past the phone screen 😁

Round 0 - Telephonic

Given a binary search tree, and a value, find the node in the binary search tree whose value is the closest to the given value

You can find the solution discussed at GeeksforGeeks, in case you’re interested.

Once I solved this question, the interviewer asked some questions on indexes in DB. He then asked me to design an an API with pagination - I talked about using offset-limit pagination since I haven’t used cursor-based pagination before, but from the interviewer’s reaction, I felt he expected me to have known more about cursor-based pagination.

After letting me ask some questions about the company, he ended the call saying that the recruiter will get back to me shortly, but I never heard back :sad:

Final Thoughts

I thought I did fine(not great though!) in this round and was expecting to progress to the next round - But to my surprise, I did not hear back from the recruiter again. I tried reaching out via email but didn’t get any response . Definitely not a good experience from a company I had high hopes for.

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