About this blog

About SoberKoder

Hello folks, Welcome to the SoberKoder blog.

I am Raj and I started this blog to share things that I learn as part of my work and side projects. Many a time, I find myself searching the net to find how to solve a specific problem and sometimes it takes me hours to figure it out - I felt that documenting and sharing them via a blog would save others from the trouble I had to go through.

I currently work as a Software Engineer with Shopify in Toronto, and having an amazing time here.

What content can I find here?

I mostly write about technologies and frameworks for backend API development, my interview experiences with different tech companies and occasionally about command-line utilities. In the near future, I’m planning to write on front-end and mobile app development as well.

What powers the blog?

The blog is built using Hugo, an open-source(and blazing fast) static site-generator built using Go. It is hosted on Netlify, a cloud hosting provider for static websites.

How can I contact you?

You can connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out to me by mail at soberkoder@gmail.com. I am not very active on other social media unfortunately.